Recliner Tilt Mechanism (M24)

1. Back Tilting Function
- Push in the right hand lever to lock at seat position.
- Push outwards the right hand lever to unlock and lean back to tilt.
- The mechanism (M24) provides dynamic seating maintains support as you move and recliner.

2. Tension Control
- Turn tension control knob clockwise for a more rigid back tilt and clockwise for a softer tension to suit control according to body weight.
- The tension control allows comfortable and relaxed seating according to body weight.

3. Stackable Chairs
These stackable chairs are popular in meeting room, waiting room and reception areas and easily stack away.

4. Armrest (AP28)
Chrome finishing armrest with PP capping.

5. NH2 Base + R2 Roller
Sleek nylon high base NH2 with R2 60mm nylon castor.

6. PB2 Base + R1 Roller
- The PB2 Chair base with R1 heavy duty nylon castor.
- Maximum tolerance loading of this chair is 100kg.